Commute Greener, what is it?

We offer easy ways to get big improvement in everyday travels.

  • What it is (for a city)

    Cities run the Commute Greener solution in order to: -Get measurable results of more sustainable everyday travel (reduce CO2 and improve health); -Build and support new ways for urban travel (with less congestion and better quality of life); -Benefit from a proven approach for mobility management initiatives, campaigns and reach positive citizen engagement.

  • What it is (for you)

    Anyone can use Commute Greener to get smarter ways to work. Most effective is it together with the cities, companies and organisations who have joined us to support actual improvements. In either way access is easy by web, smartphone, Facebook... You will get direct suggestions that reduce congestion and you can get real-life rewards for making improvements on your normal commute.

  • What it is (for an org)

    Companies and organisations we work with often face similar challenges: To get measurable results that contribute to business objectives, employee engagement as well as sustainable development. Reducing CO2, reducing costs while at the same time getting valuable CSR contributions. As a sponsor of a challenge you can also reach customers in a new way.

  • What is in it (4 all of us)

    Commute Greener is a smart way to use web, mobiles and social media to get positive results. Better health, wealth and doing something good for the environment. Good for you, good for organisations, good for the planet = win+win+win

Videos about Commute Greener

Watch the important videos that explain the idea, show what's behind it and how to actually start to Commute Greener!

What other people says about Commute Greener:

  • Commute Greener can help to reduce the conflict between the economic development and environmental sustainability goals.

    Lee Shipper IPCC and Stanford University
  • There has never previously been a service like Commute Greener! We get a new opportunity to involve, quantify, measure and follow up results.

    Director X City of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Commute Greener will help us challenge ourselves as well as our customers in making the right daily choices of transport modes towards efficiency and sustainability.

    CEO Z >1Bn USD global revenues
  • Direct feedback is given to each individual in order to encourage more sustainable ways of living.

    Torbjorn Hedelius Director WWF Sweden
  • Great fun! Every kilogram of carbon dioxide is counted and I think many people get new understanding and insight. The opportunity to set your own targets and then also follow the difference one makes together, is really stimulating.

    Student Y Lyon, France
  • The opportunity to both measure and reduce CO2 emissions makes Commute Greener suitable for integration with our Environmental Management System.

    Martha Delgado Secr of Env in Mexico City

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Our Team

Some of the people behind Commute Greener:

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