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Santa Claus Commute Greener!

I am happy and proud that so many of you have changed your commuting behavior this year by using Commute Greener. You have contributed to thousands of tons of CO2 savings, and you have got better health and saved both time and money, congrats to all of you! And we are definitely on track, and an established mobility management solution, when it comes to helping people, organisations, cities and companies to a successful modal shift with very good results! Join the movement, collect points, have fun and you will get the best Christmas gift!

Looking forward to run more succesfull campaigns and challenges during 2014. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you will get the latest news. Wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year with a lot of greener commuting and fun in the app!
And finally here comes Santa Claus, an exemplary green commuter! :-)

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What challenges do you like?

I was looking at some pictures from this summer. This is F rebuilding her bike, and she was convinced that her invention could fly. -”It’s just about getting the propeller spinning” she said. And got angry when I didn’t have any quick solutions on this, talking about challenge….
Flying bike under construction

Do you know that we have more we have more reachable challenges in the Commute Greener app? During this year we have been launching many different sponsor challenges with all in common to reward commuters who change to a more sustainable transport to work. Thousands of tons of CO2 emissions have been saved during the year and many fine prizes have been awarded to lucky and well deserved winners.

Interesting in sponsoring a challenge? Why not a Christmas challenge? The challenge could be local, regional, national or global, you decide who you will reach. Or why not a dedicated badge as the perfect Christmas gift!  Contact me at or at facebook and I provide you with all you need to know to set up a successful challenge, or dedicated badges, for your customers, employees or citizens. You can also find more information at:

Another funny picture from this summer, F with a friend,very proud in their self made Commute Greener rain suit!

Commute Greener!


commute greener rain suit




Celebrate good times – come on!

Nice and sunny winter day today, only this is worth celebrating!

I met a customer last week saying: “Now the Commute Greener app is really good!” and he pointed out three things: the social integration with facebook, pushed co-commuting options and the overall gamification of the app, including dedicated challenges and a reward system. This was music to my ears since we believed in these new features and have been working hard to implement them during the year! And now we can also see all great results coming from using the app and with enormous opportunities to save tons and tons of CO2 emissions globally in the future!

Sunny winter day

Looking in the back mirror, this year has been really good with successful campaigns and with impressive achievements from many commuters. People have changed their commuting to more sustainable transportation and decreased their CO2 emissions up to 30%! I am so proud of this and it also shows that using the Commute Greener app motivates people to change their commuting behavior! And not to mentioned all other social media integration that shows that we that we have raised awareness and inspired many, many thousands of people to a more environmentally friendly way of commuting.

Listen to Kool and the Gang’s “Celbrate good times” from the eighties, they know how to celebrate! We will continue this success next year with many new and attractive sponsored challenges and badges, and we will run campaigns during the European Mobility Week and in New York – and much more!

More information:, Facebook or contact me directly at for various of offers and campaign set ups. Looking forward to hear from you!

Get the app, collect points and we reward you, Commute Greener!



European Mobility Week Campaign – a success story!

The campaign we have been running together with the European Mobility Week Sweden, has now ended. During the campaign you could get the EMW Sweden badge as well as joining a local challenge for people living and working in Stenungsund, Tjörn and Orust. This was a pilot and a test for the coming EMW 2014. And we are happy to experienced great achievements and changed behavior, to more sustainable transportation modes as bus and train and CO2 savings with up to 30 procent!
Here are some snapshots from the campaign.

Ingela got so motivated that she first bought a bike and then biking 16 km to work several times a week! Impressing, well done!

Katarina, one of the lucky winners of Västtrafik’s travel card Region Around, in the local EMW challenge. Congratulations to your great efforts!

Me and Peggy Magnusson, local Climate and Energy Adviser in Stenungsund, responsible for the local EMW challenge, in the Metro Gothenburg newspaper (in Swedish).

Looking forward to a big bang in the European Mobility Week 2014, a mega competition where cities and organizations all over Europe competing in CO2 savings! Who will be the winner??

Like our facebook page and stay updated about challenges, badges and other great stuff. And don’t hesitate to come back to me at if you have any questions.

Join in, have fun, make a difference in the Commute Greener app :-)

Have a great week and Commute Greener!


I love November! <3

Tomorrow is the 1st of November and I just have to write a tribute blog post about this coming wonderful month! I know I’m annoying some of you, because many hate this month and I love it.  More or less daily I hear that November is the most boring month, the days are so short and it’s getting dark so early here in the northern part of Europe. The climate is rougher, more windy and stormy and it’s raining from above and sideways….But for me November is excited! In front of me I have an upcoming winter season with hopefully a lot of snow, skiing and fun! But I also love the fresh air and the colors in the nature, the relaxing introvert feeling when walking, running or biking in darkness, wow!

Threatening eyes I came across yesterday evening in the darkness.

Threatening Eyes

This morning they look not so threatening :-)

Nice cows!

A winter paradise I visited last week.

Sölden, Austria Okt 2013

But if you like November or not, you must like Commute Greener and that we care about more sustainable transportation’s on earth. Get the app and join a challenge today, collect points and we reward you tomorrow! Have a nice evening with a lot of candles, lights and pumpkins.



Commute Greener and Happy Halloween!






Challenges could be euphoria!

So lovely to finalize a challenge, isn’t it?? I’m still euphoric after completing my big challenge last weekend! I set this goal about a year ago and mentioned it briefly in a blog post from last year. The challenge really motivated me to take some extra runs by bike, with my legs and in the water this summer! Wow! But I think it was the, more or less, daily bike commuting that was most important to manage this!


I really believe in that challenges motivates us to do the little extra, and in the Commute Greener app you can find challenges that suit all! I also strongly believe that to finalize challenges is much easier and fun when you get support, push and pepping from your friends and family, you get that as bonus in the app! I am so grateful to have that support during this year, thank you all!!! Get the app, join a challenge, grab the bike or bus or why not ride share, and you will get points for that, points you can redeem to various offers!

Follow us at Facebook and Twitter to stay updated and give us feedback. Interesting to start up and sponsor a challenge in the app?? Please contact me at:

Commute Greener!



End of bike month but a happy start in life!

Today is the last of May and the end of the Bike Month. I have actually tried to push myself this month to take the bike to work, at least once a week. And experienced, again, that it’s hard in the beginning….so now I am pushing little F to never stop biking and to be the commuter for the future!

Hopefully you are now up to speed and ready to take the bike to work next week. I can tell you it’s worth it! Yesterday when I showed my collected points and saved CO2 in the app, at Slimfood, a lunch restaurant nearby, I got 10 percent discounts. Wow great reward!

Why not get the app and join a sponsor challenge, start collecting points and you can get 100 SEK to spend at, concert tickets from Gothenburg Symphony, great commuting gears from the Volvo Group and more fun!

And do you know what, I bought the first local strawberries today, taste like heaven!


Enjoy life and Commute Greener!



Join a challenge, commute smart and get real-life rewards :-)

Several challenges are ongoing in the Commute Greener app. For example join the global challenge from GSOPlay, and you will have the chance to get free music downloads, win concert tickets and other prizes from the digital concert hall of Gothenburg Symphony. The Volvo Group support sustainable transportation solutions and top ten winners in their challenge will be rewarded with great commuting gears. If you live in Gothenburg you can join the challenge and when you have 100 points you get 100 SEK in discount when shopping on line at

If you think this is a great idea and a new user, follow these simple steps:

1. Download and install the app from App Store or Googgle Play and log in with you Facebook credentials (or create an account).


2. Set your commuting pattern in the “baseline wizard” that automatically starts after you installed the app, i.e. how and when you travelling and your home and work address (note: don’t forget to confirm your baseline).

3. Go to main menu and scroll down to “Challenges”, select a challenge, and join it!

Join a challenge

4. Now start climbing the Leaderboard and compete in the challenges! Make improvements in your daily traveling and start collecting points. For example, you leave your car and take the bus one day, and you will get 16 points each way.  

Make improvement

Further questions contact: For companies and organisations interesting in setting up your own challenge, please contact:

Get going and commute smarter!



“Why should I commute greener?”

See this short introduction to the Facebook app and get inspired to rest the car and make improvements in your daily travelling! In the app you get points for all your greener journeys to work, points that you can redeem to real-life awards. Or why not join one of the challenges? For example the one from GSOPlay, and you will have the chance to get free music downloads, win concert tickets and other prizes from the digital concert hall of Gothenburg Symphony.
Download the app from App Store or Google Play or find it on Facebook.
Please contact support if you have further questions.



An short tip from Guest blogger Jessica Gold, thanks a lot!

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has for a long time been a very bicycle friendly city. Have a look at a New York Times report about how commuters take greener ways. Pedaling to work on their very own superhighway.

More than 20 of these superhighways in and around Copenhagen contribute to taking Danes on further steps on the right way.