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The edge is not the limit…

The edge is not the limit…   
…it is the start! 

Where did this expression come from, and when?

Was it 20 years ago on an Interrail through Europe? Was it on a t-shirt? Is it attributed to an Australian article on outdoor sports written at the turn of the millenium?  I wonder…  The fact is as I was just making a search on Bing and Google no hits were found. Let’s change that!  It is a great expression since it encourage: courage, curiosity, creativity and a possibility to expand on what is possible.

Of course, we need to do keep on the path to sustainable transport solutions (at least in the context of developing Commute Greener!). At the same time inspiration may come from several angels and levels, here are some:

Sustainability focus as a market maker, to be a leader rather than a follower. A blog post refering and giving examples from IT companies and a World Economic Forum business case. 

Dr. Seuss can inspire to go beyond the assumed…

The worlds first serial produced electromobilty enabled waste truck (talk in swedish but video shows several features) by Renova.

Innovation capability, a scientific way to increase new value and we are contributing to a certain start at Luleå University of Technology.

In short, relate to ‘your edge’ and:  Set your target. See the progress. Share experiences.

Commute Greener!