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Santa Claus Commute Greener!

I am happy and proud that so many of you have changed your commuting behavior this year by using Commute Greener. You have contributed to thousands of tons of CO2 savings, and you have got better health and saved both time and money, congrats to all of you! And we are definitely on track, and an established mobility management solution, when it comes to helping people, organisations, cities and companies to a successful modal shift with very good results! Join the movement, collect points, have fun and you will get the best Christmas gift!

Looking forward to run more succesfull campaigns and challenges during 2014. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you will get the latest news. Wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year with a lot of greener commuting and fun in the app!
And finally here comes Santa Claus, an exemplary green commuter! :-)

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Celebrate good times – come on!

Nice and sunny winter day today, only this is worth celebrating!

I met a customer last week saying: “Now the Commute Greener app is really good!” and he pointed out three things: the social integration with facebook, pushed co-commuting options and the overall gamification of the app, including dedicated challenges and a reward system. This was music to my ears since we believed in these new features and have been working hard to implement them during the year! And now we can also see all great results coming from using the app and with enormous opportunities to save tons and tons of CO2 emissions globally in the future!

Sunny winter day

Looking in the back mirror, this year has been really good with successful campaigns and with impressive achievements from many commuters. People have changed their commuting to more sustainable transportation and decreased their CO2 emissions up to 30%! I am so proud of this and it also shows that using the Commute Greener app motivates people to change their commuting behavior! And not to mentioned all other social media integration that shows that we that we have raised awareness and inspired many, many thousands of people to a more environmentally friendly way of commuting.

Listen to Kool and the Gang’s “Celbrate good times” from the eighties, they know how to celebrate! We will continue this success next year with many new and attractive sponsored challenges and badges, and we will run campaigns during the European Mobility Week and in New York – and much more!

More information:, Facebook or contact me directly at for various of offers and campaign set ups. Looking forward to hear from you!

Get the app, collect points and we reward you, Commute Greener!



European Mobility Week

Since several years there are good efforts to make improvements in everyday travel – the annual European Mobility Week gives it an extra focus.

Commute Greener offer special badges and local challenges, join in for free and get real life rewards with measurable improvements


Join a challenge, commute smart and get real-life rewards :-)

Several challenges are ongoing in the Commute Greener app. For example join the global challenge from GSOPlay, and you will have the chance to get free music downloads, win concert tickets and other prizes from the digital concert hall of Gothenburg Symphony. The Volvo Group support sustainable transportation solutions and top ten winners in their challenge will be rewarded with great commuting gears. If you live in Gothenburg you can join the challenge and when you have 100 points you get 100 SEK in discount when shopping on line at

If you think this is a great idea and a new user, follow these simple steps:

1. Download and install the app from App Store or Googgle Play and log in with you Facebook credentials (or create an account).


2. Set your commuting pattern in the “baseline wizard” that automatically starts after you installed the app, i.e. how and when you travelling and your home and work address (note: don’t forget to confirm your baseline).

3. Go to main menu and scroll down to “Challenges”, select a challenge, and join it!

Join a challenge

4. Now start climbing the Leaderboard and compete in the challenges! Make improvements in your daily traveling and start collecting points. For example, you leave your car and take the bus one day, and you will get 16 points each way.  

Make improvement

Further questions contact: For companies and organisations interesting in setting up your own challenge, please contact:

Get going and commute smarter!



A very special challenge

In the past few weeks our Commute Greener team has been working on an exciting new project connected to an upcoming environmental event. Can you guess what event we have in mind? It’s the Earth Hour! This year it will be happening on Saturday, 23rd March between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. local time , so don’t forget to switch off your lights! This is done every year all over the world to make people reflect on the need of taking actions on climate change.

We propose that you take your actions straight away. Commute Greener application is a tool that can help you to contribute to a greener planet on a daily basis, by encouraging you to commute to work in more environmental ways.

On the occasion of Earth Hour we have created a special challenge that  will be active for two weeks, between 18th March and 1st April. This time all active participants (with more than zero points) will have a chance to be rewarded for their efforts, since we’ll randomly choose winners between them. We really want you to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join the challenge, not only for a good cause and fun, but also to increase everyone’s chances to win commuter gear! The entry goal starts already at 30 participants, and when there are more there will be more rewards. Furthermore, there are kids with special needs in Brazil that will get a better situation thanks to a bus ride. So please invite your fellow commuters, join the Earth Hour challenge and commute greener!

Download the free application from Apple Store for iPhones and Google Play for Androids. Or use it through facebook Appcenter. On your Commute Greener profile go to “Your challenges” in the upper right corner, click on the Earth Hour challenge and tick the “Join” option. Now start commuting greener and receive points for your improvements. Good luck!

To learn more about the Earth Hour please visit . If you would like to have a look at the global challenges created in the “I will if you will” spirit go to . If you would like to support WWF join our WWF challenge on Commute Greener and influence our contribution to its Swedish branch.


Join a challenge today and get rewarded for your greener travelling!

Do you know that it’s possible to join challenges in Commute Greener facebook app? A challenge is sponsored by a company or an organisation who want to reward you for your improvements to a greener everyday travelling. You get points for every improvement you make, points that you can redeem to nice prizes and offers from our sponsors.  The WWF challenge is ongoing and this week we just re-started the global Volvo Group challenge and the local challenge.

Commute Greener Challenges 2013-03-12

Join the WWF challenge and you have the possibility to contribute to the organisations many initiative and actions against climate change. Be one of the first top ten in the Volvo Group challenge you can win prizes that make your daily commuting more comfortable. Or for you living in Gothenburg, Sweden,  join the local challenge and get 100 SEK in discount when you by food from them. We will soon release new challenges, like us at Facebook and stay updated.

The application is free and can be downloaded from Apple Store for iPhones and Google play for Androids or you can fint it on on facebook Appcenter.

Are you a company or organisation who want to know more about challenges and valuable campaigns? Find more information at or contact

Commute Greener!



A Heart That Beats for Daily Commuters!

Tomorrow Thursday February 14th on Valentine’s Day, the Commute Greener team will meet daily commuters in Gothenburg to spread love for the city, nature and for our planet. You can find more information about the event here.

We would like to encourage commuters to change their habits to more environmental friendly ones and influence them to start using the Commute Greener Facebook app. An app designed to give you alternative ways of commuting, you receive benefits, and it allows you to connect, compare and share your progress with friends and family.

In the app you collect points and get rewarded each time you change your travel habits for more sustainable ones. Points can be redeemed into various offers and prizes from companies and organizations that Commute Greener collaborate with, these include but are not limited to, WWF and Volvo Group. Why not join a challenge and try it out – it’s easy quick and fun!

The application is free and can be downloaded from Apple Store for iPhones and Google play for Androids G. It’s also available on facebook Appcenter.

We wish a Happy Valentine!

Commute Greener team


Health & well-being, more than 10%

Special thanks to Jessica Gold for this guest blog contribution!

Travelling to and from work in a good way is not just about saving time. The Transportation Research Group SAMOT at Karlstad University has together with researchers from the Netherlands and Japan developed a standardized method for examining everyday travel´s impact on people’s well-being. According SAMOT’s study everyday travel stands for 11-12 percent of human well-being. That’s a lot.

How we enjoy everyday travel is more important to how we feel than, say, salary or if we are living together with someone. The study show s that the people who walk or cycle to work experience greater happiness and general well-being than those who are traveling by car or public transport. Moreover, the people who talks with someone else during the trip are happier than people who do not.

For more info visit, SAMOT and/or [in Swedish] an GP news article.

Again thanks to Jessica Gold

Happy health, well-being & Commute Greener!


InVEST to get more Natural Capital, and prize on the right way!

Today I got the opportunity to attend a great session, maybe I was even meeting a future Nobel Prize winner (it has happened before). Even more important than the prize is the discussion on putting a price to what we all value so much: Nature. It is far too often overlooked, but we have a special interest and know that what gets measured gets done.

Putting the right value to nature’s services. It is a quest and lots of bottom-up innovation is still needed to make it happen in everyday life. Top-down policy may do its part and judging on the new World Bank report it is a more hot topic than ever. -Will the COP18 deliver? Instead of waiting and keep asking we can all contribute and get on the right way.

Gretchen Daily (yes we have talked about her earlier) is certainly a positive person and this morning her speech was vibrant with energy and engagement. However, she does not neglect the challenges we face. As a professor at Stanford University she know what she is talking about and her pioneering work is quantifying and valuing natural capital. Have a look! InVEST is a policy and calculation tool that bring macro-level understanding to both global and local conditions and can comprehend both complex and simple factor analysis for valuation on nature capital.

It was great to meet today as well as to get encouraging support for Commute Greener!





Greener Halloween: Call for pumpkins!

Thanks to Liene Vanaga and Pavel Rodin.

Usually strange things happen in the last days in October in many places. While we feel for those in trouble by storms we act with positive actions for sustainable development. At the same time lots of people are dressing up, making pumpkins and try to scare each other. And you may not know if those ghosts, zombies, witches and other strange creatures are real or not.

Guess what we met today on our way to work?

At Lindholmen Science Park in Sweden people who commute greener were greeted and others were tricked!


Sometimes these Halloween creatures are more inspiring than horrible and scary. Our one definitely wants to inspire you to change your behaviour at least for one day and chose public transport or biking instead of driving car. This is a chance to get a lot of positive emotions, meet people and experience beautiful autumn days or the season that surround you currently. At the same time you will take care of the environment.

To see the progress and share experiences you can always note journeys, as an organization with a dedicated community, or with rewards via our new Facebook application!

Now, make your own green-minded pumpkin and join our competition! Share it by sending a picture to or upload on

The most creative one will get some nice surprise from us  -  Everything is possible!

Just try it and Commute Greener!